Are Coaches perfect? How this Coach deals with her own life…

This is a question that I asked myself before becoming a Life Coach. In fact, this is probably the question that delayed my becoming a Life Coach. It’s not that I thought that Life Coaches were perfect – it’s that I knew I wasn’t. So, if nobody’s perfect, how can anybody be a Life Coach who teaches and guides others improve their life? The simple answer is “awareness and tools.” But nothing is quite that simple, is it?

What I mean by awareness is that Life Coaches have gained ― either through formal training, life experience, or a combination of both ― a deeper insight, a certain awareness of Life’s mechanics. By tools, I mean that Life Coaches have acquired / learned specific modalities and techniques that have been known to help others align themselves and their lives.

And, like most professions, not some are better at it than others. Life Coaches vary in subject matter (the services they offer and which area they specialize in), style (teaching style and the techniques they use) and vibrancy (their energy level and the way they deliver the message). This may leave some people overwhelmed with the choices – how does one research all this and how can one know which Life Coach is best for them? The answers are just as varied as the options but I personally believe that we end up connecting with the right people, at the right time. Consider this my first mini lesson: Trust that you will be drawn to the right Coach. Do their services’ descriptions resonate with you? Can you relate to what the Coach is saying in their blog? Is there something that triggers you in a good way? Do you feel like you want to learn more from this Coach? Please pardon the marketing cliché, but “if you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, more than likely, that’s the Coach for you.”

This leaves us with the second part of the title: how do I personally, as a Life Coach, deal with my own life situations? I’m not sure how to condense this answer, but I can tell you that, over the last 25 years, I have done some major introspection into my inner being, my external world and how it impacted my life. Since I have been on this path, I have regularly continued to introspect, while learning and growing. I have had the wonderful opportunity to benefit from counselling sessions in the 90s, after having persistently refused to acknowledge that I needed help coping with a difficult situation. I finally booked an appointment for my son (not for myself, lol) who, as it turns out, never did meet the counsellor who was wise enough to pass me a box of tissues while booking an appointment for me. I thank her to this day. This breaking point made me realize how helpful it can be to learn valuable coping techniques.

All this led to a desire to help others achieve their own full potential and so, my Life Coaching career was born. Today, you can find me meeting new clients, leading exciting workshops, and writing informational blogs. My success can help your success!

So as a Life Coach, I hope you never see me at the supermarket wincing at the person who cut in front of me, but if you do, smile and wave at me, reassured that like you, I am often reminded of my humanity and I occasionally need to put my own techniques into action 🙂

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