Hi, you found me! now what?

Like most people who have found me, you must be here for a reason. You may either be very aware of what that reason is and know exactly which service(s) you are interested in or, you may not be sure what you need exactly, but are curious to see what I offer. Whatever your situation, I’m glad you’re reading on.

If you haven’t done so, you can start by having a look at my services and their descriptions. Chances are, you’ll find something of interest. If you’re not sure, you can always book one of my free 20-minute sessions to see how I could help. It’s worth noting that not much can be “fixed” in 20 minutes, but this will allow you to get a feel for my work style. Selecting a Life Coach can be one of the major things you do this year so it’s important that you feel comfortable and that we can connect, and it’s OK if we don’t. The first thing you will learn about me is that there is no pressure and no judgment – ever.

The other thing you can do is to look at my freebie entitled “Happiness, that elusive condition.” If anything, it’s a good start toward gaining some insight into my view on happiness and learning a bit more about me. And while you’re at it, why not take advantage of the 10 tips on happiness I happily share (pun intended)!

Well, look where we are: you found me, are reading my very first blog, have learned a bit more about my services, and may have also found something that can benefit you – and that’s what it’s all about: you, your life, your happiness, your goals, and how to get there from here. One of my goals is to put things in perspective, just for you. Everybody is unique, with widely differing experiences and situations, and so, I customize the techniques I use just for you. But if you prefer the online course experience, you may enjoy the potentially life-changing “Mind Detox” course I am currently developing. The formal launch is scheduled for December 2018 but you can pre-register here to take advantage of the launch discount.

So, while I had not planned on making my blog all about my services and how I can help you, I surmised that this was most likely a good way to kick off as it offered a practical sequence. Like you, who might be at the onset of a new life journey, I thank you for being a part of my new blogging journey. I hope you enjoyed these few words and I look forward to adding more stories along the way. I plan on keeping future blogs informative, with valuable down-to-earth content intertwined with a bit of humorous tidbits. See you soon!

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