In my mind, I am free…

Stephen Hawking’s exact quote is “Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.” For me, this was one of the most touching and inspiring quotes to ever impact my being. Its impact was compounded by the situation of the author who, as you may know, has had such huge hurdles to surmount – none of which stopped him from leading a full life and achieving what some consider nothing less than miraculous feats. I am writing this as I watch the movie about his life, The Theory of Everything. It’s amazing how you can feel connected to someone even though you have never met them. And so, I decided to share this with you.

The main reason I became a Life & Wellness Coach is because I saw that so many people are unhappy with their lives. Many of them have not yet opened up to the world of positive thinking and infinite possibilities, and of those who have, many are still unhappy with their lives, wishing they could achieve more – the commonality is that neither group is taking action. The first group may be in the dark, either voluntarily or involuntarily, but the latter has a level of awareness that should propel them into action – so what could be holding them back? The answer is ego.

The ego is a natural part of being ― everybody has an ego, but not everybody lets their ego rule their life. This is not to say that anyone should feel bad about their ego, but to encourage people to be aware of how they act and react to situations and to take notice of what their decisions are based on. Numerous individuals harbour insecurities, many of which they do not care to admit to, which is an insecurity in itself. Rather, admitting that we need to improve a part of ourselves or a part of our lives shows wisdom and strength. Furthermore, the main reason we dislike admitting that we need improvement is the fear of judgement, and we fear judgement because we ourselves judge others.

This ties in to Stephen Hawking’s story because he didn’t let his condition, or his fears, or his insecurities, stop him from reaching his goals. All of this may not be a perfect fit for a blog on awareness and self-improvement, but it’s what catalyzed my thought process in this direction. The point I wish to make is that every one has the potential to be the best they can be, to grow, and to achieve their goals. It starts with the simple realization that you can do it and that there’s nothing wrong with reaching out. In Visible Reach is always eager and ready to help.

Thank you, Professor Hawking, for such inspirational words and for having lived an even more inspirational life, and thank you reader, for having taken the time to share a moment of your life with me.

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