The “I don’t need any help” trap

“Help? No thank you, I’m fine, really… I’m a happy person, most of the time. Well, until something happens that turns my life up-side-down – you know how it is. I have always handled things and I can handle this too, really.”

A month later, that same person is still struggling with the issue. The trap is that you think you can handle it on your own. After all, everybody struggles, right? Everybody has issues and nobody’s perfect, and you’re no different. You’re a mature person who knows how to deal with life. You’ve done it until now and everything is peachy. Right? Awesome. Then there’s nothing left to do but to continue on the same track, in the same manner. But is this enough?

If this sounds like you, it may surprise you to hear that there are methods that can help in resolving issues is a better, smoother way so that you can achieve a deeper, more consistent feeling of happiness within yourself. This in turns permeates into your life and eventually, you are in a better position to plan and achieve your goals. So yes, you might be strong and able to deal with the usual challenges, but a Life Coach can add an extra layer of understanding and give you “new and improved” tools.

And if your situation is more intense than what is described above, then Life Coaching is a step that can help you alleviate the issues that weigh on you so that you can re-kindle your sense of peace and balance.

The truth is that people are very good at hiding their issues and masking their pain. This is understandable since as children, most of us are not taught how to deal with disappointment, goal setting, and general life issues. Combined with today’s social media scene where appearance (physical and emotional) is given top priority and is therefore often skewed so that everything is portrayed as “perfect,” it is not surprising that people are not inclined to accept that they need help and can learn new ways to cope. I believe however that this is well on the way to changing as Life Coaching becomes more accepted, more accessible and more affordable.

The take-away here is that, even though some people may prefer to deal with their own issues, know that engaging a Life Coach does not diminish who you are, or indicate weakness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite since the ability to seek help and discern what is beneficial to oneself indicates strength. After all, if Life Coaching had failed to yield results, it would not have become so popular and successful in the last couple of decades. Have you found a In Visible Reach service that’s right for you?

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