Seriously though, I'm here to help and support people just like you, and what helps me do this is your feedback. What do you expect in a coach? What's most important to you? Which questions do you have about coaching that you are hesitant to ask? I welcome your input and encourage you to send me a shout about what's on your mind — it's completely anonymous, but I require your email to reply. If you still want to know a bit more about me, keep scrolling!

Daya Underwood, In Visible Reach Founder
[Oui , je parle français | Yes, I speak French]


I am described as a down-to-earth, compassionate and genuine person. My life experience has brought me to a place where I am able to effectively empower others, helping them realize their own potential. In short, I am a catalyst who you can count on to either boost your personal or corporate life in specific areas or reboot your life altogether.

Academically, I hold Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Master Mindfulness Practitioner certificates from Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology — click on the Achology icon to view my verified credentials. I have also practised Energy Healing since the early 90s and have an EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner certification, fully accredited with the CTAA.

The international life I have led for the past 15+ years has engendered a deeper understanding and neutrality of different cultures, social settings, schools of thought, principles, beliefs and practices. Particularly, the unique and unconventional combination of my personal journey, extensive corporate experience, and formal training, has allowed me to gain a broader perspective which in turn allows me to easily connect with people and offer effective solutions. I look forward to connecting with you!


As a Life Coach, I help individuals identify the elements that hold are holding them back, provide guidance in regard to establishing a new direction, and formulate an actual plan of action.

Using various techniques, I work with clients to help them recognize their strengths and skills in order to refocus their goals. More than simply working toward reaching one’s full potential, the aim is to successfully achieve short and long-term objectives while enjoying a happier and more balanced life.

As a receptive and genuine coach, I practice the concepts of neutrality, acceptance, gratitude and mindfulness. I share knowledge through individual and group sessions as well as workshops, using interactive methods that include a variety of implementation tools which have been proven to successfully achieve results*. When you take action, you are but one step away from boosting your life.

* Results vary according to individual circumstances and the degree of commitment, practice and usage.

The meaning behind the "In Visible Reach" name

You may have noticed that our company name has changed from 3000 Steps to In Visible Reach. The original 3000 Steps name was inspired by my trip to Nepal and the deep insights I gained while struggling through the 4-day trek. But, as inspiring as the Nepal experience was, the reality is that, because of the name, most people thought my services pertained to either fitness or the In Visible Reach required to achieve success in one's life... It turns out that few people read long stories, so the better option was to change our name to something a bit more self explanatory, accompanied by an interesting byline and a shorter story. I therefore welcome you to In Visible Reach — In "Visible" or "Invisible" Reach, the choice is yours. For those who enjoy background info, you can read the original story here.

Our Value-add Benefits

  1. Longer hour: 70-minute sessions for the price of the usual 60 minutes. Why 70 minutes? Because the extra 10 minutes allows us to get comfortable, share a bit of small chat and then unwind without chewing into our discussion time.
  2. Refer-a-friend bonus: Receive a 10% discount on the next service or package you purchase when you refer a friend who books one of our services (10% discount coupon is issued once the friend has fully paid).
  3. Regular discounts: Our clients enjoy receiving regular discounts on selected services and products. We will never spam you, but we won’t be shy about our generosity. We sincerely want to see you grow and succeed and we are willing to take the necessary steps to help you along the way.
  4. Flexible schedule changes: Change your appointment up to six hours prior to the scheduled time. Most services require a 24-hour notice but we understand that life sometimes mingles in that schedule, so we strive to go with your flow.
  5. Facilitated Attendance (F.A.): We realize that when one starts on a new path, their resources might be limited but we believe that everyone should get a chance to kick-start their life no matter their current circumstance. To this end, we accept one client a month on a complimentary basis. This is not charity – simply a kind and compassionate gesture towards supporting personal growth. If you or a friend feel that you qualify, please fill out our Facilitated Application Form. Selectees will be advised privately via email. Strict confidence is always maintained.


My new focus is on you, the client and to facilitate connecting. To this end, I have streamlined my website.

I initially started my coaching business using traditional methods and buzz words. However, as I gained experience in helping people find their own talents, I also found my own, which are reflected in my new website content. making descriptions more concise and user-friendly by streamlining the information that is important to you, the client,

I have restructured my services to be more user-friendly by redefining the services I provide. You will notice more informative but concise service descriptions and a (much) easier way to book appointments, as well as additional services such as “Organizing Home & Life”, “CVs & Interview Skills”, and “MS Word & PPT Training”. A brand new section entitled “Spiritually Speaking” might be of interest with topics such as “Alignment”, "Abundance (LoA)", “Energy”, and “EFT / TFT”, while Corporate Training has been rebranded and moved to a completely different site. See you soon!