Additional Services

Scroll down to view the additional services we offer — those that don't quite fit in our main categories but are nevertheless popular. Feel free to contact us if you haven't found what you're looking for — we can customize services and content as per your requirements.


Daya worked as a Graphic Designer and Senior Marketing Manager in highly corporate environments, where she honed her skills. If you are looking to learn from scratch or need to upgrade your skills, we've got you covered!

All categories and sessions are customized according to your current aptitude level and the level you would like to achieve. Design like a pro!

Training Categories:

  • MS Word — Novice: We start from the ground up, including using templates.
  • MS Word — Intermediate: We review the basics and cover the main features thoroughly, including customizing documents.
  • MS Word — Advanced: We brush up on specifics and cover advanced features such as image manipulation, mail merges, references, chapters, etc.
  • MS PPT — Novice: We start from the ground up, including using templates.
  • MS PPT — Intermediate: We review the basics and cover the main features thoroughly, including customizing decks.
  • MS PPT — Advanced: We brush up on specifics and cover advanced features such as image manipulation, animations, timings, etc.


I will speak at your event on any of the topics I offer, or create customized content per the message and impact you wish to create.

Daya's style has been described as "vibrant and impactful." We agree.

Need to add some pizzazz to your event? Daya's energetic delivery, accompanied by humorous stories and anecdotes, gets people's attention and leaves an impression. Positivity and motivation are conveyed in a unique way, with a no-nonsense punch intended to uplift people and leave them with food for thought.


Please keep reading – this is NOT your TYPICAL Vision Board experience! Yes, it will certainly be creative and fun but with the added benefit of learning how and why these are effective and helpful tools. Can a few images, photos, markers and ribbons make a difference in your life? YOU BET. Try it and find out how powerful these tools can be and have a whole lot of fun at the same time – a win-win situation for everyone. No special talent required!

You can benefit from Vision Board & Goal Achievement sessions if you:

  • Want to identify and activate your short-term and long-term goals
  • Want to refine your goals and create an action plan
  • Want to add some creativity into your life
  • Want to learn how to create an alternative to Vision Boards by building a Vision Box*
  • Have been curious about Vision Boards and/or Journaling
  • Already have a Vision Board and want to expand on your knowledge and artistic work
  • Start manifesting the life you have always wished for and craved

* A Vision box is a nice alternative to the Vision Board. The results are the same but your goals are treasured in a beautifully personalized crafted box.

I also combine Journaling with these tools because, although it seems simple enough, journaling can be quite helpful in outlining your goals, helping you gain more insight and clarity. While not mandatory, your journal can help you uncover hidden fears and true aspirations. When used in conjunction with Vision Boards and Boxes, it can become a valuable introspection, development and growth tool in itself.

Please note that due to personal preferences and styles, supplies are not included. Although I will have some supplies standing by to assist, you are required to bring your own. A comprehensive (and flexible) supply list will be sent to you following enrollment. Estimated cost of supplies fluctuates depending on whichever items you may already have at home, where you purchase new items, the amount and types of items and decorations you wish to include, and you very own personal style. I have seen beautifully simple boards and boxes as well as heavily ornate ones with much bling – either way, they are just as effective. A cost estimate for standard supplies can therefore range from CAD $15 to $80.

Vision Board & Goal Achievement sessions can help you:

  • Identify and activate your short-term and long-term goals
  • Refine your goals and create an action plan
  • Add some creativity into your life
  • Learn how to create an alternative to Vision Boards by building a Vision Box
  • Start manifesting the life you have always wished for and craved


You may have found this website because you are interested in improving your life and you may be surprised to find a section dealing with organization. The reason for this is that our exterior environment is an extension of our inner selves and is therefore a part of our life that should not be ignored. When you are surrounded by dis-organization (and/or clutter), you are inevitably affected by it. This can invoke feelings of unhappiness and confusion while slowing down areas of your life you are attempting to improve. Put simply, a dis-organized external space can affect your inner space.

You can benefit from Organize Home & Life sessions if you:

  • Live in a space that can benefit from decluttering and organization
  • Have recently moved to a new space that requires organization
  • Feel thwarted by a disorganized or cluttered space
  • Feel overwhelmed and anxious due to a disorganized or cluttered space
  • Want to create more space and balance in your personal environment

Whether you have just moved into a new space or have been in the same space for many years, In Visible Reach can help you get organized. Our methods take into consideration your specific situation, environment and requirements. We also give you tips on how to maintain your space once it has been reorganized.

This service is best booked through our Free Mini Intro so that we can discuss your situation and which methodology is best suited for you. We can go from there, one step at a time!

Organize Home & Life sessions can help you:

  • Create a comfortable and organized personal space
  • Diminish stress and anxiety created by a cluttered space
  • Alleviate the heavy workload associated with decluttering a space
  • Feel more comfortable in your own home
  • Create more balanced external and inner spaces


In this day and age, many factors can contribute to aging people living in loneliness, even when they are surrounded by family, good help, or in an assisted living environment / hospital. Loneliness can set in an aging person’s life as friends and family members also advance in age, or when a person loses their loving spouse.

Going one step further:
If you don’t feel comfortable going through our online booking system and calendar, you can CLICK HERE to send us an email, outlining your details, availability and chat mode preference (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, or any other app you feel comfortable with). We typically respond within 12 hours ― since we operate internationally, our time zones may vary but we will do our best to find a suitable time to connect with you.

You can benefit from Aging & Loneliness sessions if you:

  • Are lonely and need someone you can trust to chat with
  • Have lost your spouse and feel a painful void
  • Your family and loved ones live far away and/or have busy schedules that limit their presence in your life
  • Need to fill a conversation void
  • Are looking for a neutral “ear” to hear you out without judgement

If you personally feel that you could benefit from our anti-loneliness chat sessions (when booking a series of sessions, our money-saving packages may be beneficial), or if you have a parent or friend who feels the strain of loneliness, please don’t hesitate to try this very special service. You can start by booking our free 20-minute session (or by sending us an email as suggested above)!

In.Visible Reach can alleviate some of the burden of aging loneliness through supportive and compassionate conversations. These sessions can be booked at your convenience so that you can chat with someone who cares ― whenever you feel like it.

Aging & Loneliness sessions can help you:

  • Reduce your state of loneliness
  • Connect with someone who cares and has the ability to listen without judgement
  • Safely share your thoughts, your joys as well as your fears
  • Share memories and life lessons to someone who can fully appreciate them
  • Extend your connection to the outside world

End-of-Life Doula – Critical Illness & Palliative Support

I love life but do not fear death, empowering people along the way.

We deal with life as best we can but are often shocked by death since society does not prepare us well for it. As an End-of-life Doula, I help those with a terminal illness deal with the final leg of their physical journey in the best way possible. I also help family members and friends deal with this delicate stage, their concerns, grief and feelings of emptiness.

You can benefit from Doula, Critical Illness & Palliative Support services if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have fears concerning death and dying
  • Have a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and who has fears concerning death and dying (please note that the person must consent to this service of their own volition)
  • Are uncomfortable with the word “death,” its inevitability and/or experience anxiety when you think about death or dying
  • Want to learn how to deal with the subject of death so that you are better equipped to face your own mortality and/or can better communicate with a terminally il person

Ultimately, my goal is to alleviate the deep sadness death invokes in us by offering a different view through compassion and kindness. My own life experiences and the death of both parents and several close friends have allowed me to gain incredible insights into this delicate subject matter. I am honored to be able to assist where needed, whether you are a critically ill person or a friend or family member who needs assistance. Occasionally, I also offer to volunteer my time in special circumstances ― please feel free to inquire.

Doula, Critical Illness & Palliative Support services can help you:

  • Gain a different view regarding mortality and death
  • Feel more comfortable about death in general
  • Better deal with your own mortality, reducing your fears and concerns
  • Reduce your anxiety and fears regarding your own mortality
  • Better deal with friends or family members’ mortality, reducing your fears and concerns

So if you feel up to it, I invite you to sign up and Gently Walk With Me...