Corporate Training

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Today, organizations such as your own are recognizing that much of a corporate identity, reputation and success resides in the strength of their people. This strength includes components such as the work ethics and core values team members uphold, the level of customer service offered and delivered by team members, and the efficiency level at which the company operates. To this end, In Visible Reach aims to increase a company's success by delivering information and techniques designed to get everyone "on the same page" (working within the same corporate parameters), bridging the gap between management, employees, and customers.

Individual half-day or full-day workshops can be beneficial, but results have shown that multiple sessions yield a higher and more consistent outcome. Following initial discussions, our online Discovery Questionnaire helps us create a Gap Analysis report from which we create your comprehensive training programs, aligned with your goals and corporate vision.

Every In Visible Reach's corporate training programs are designed and delivered by Daya, and can include guest speakers if requested. They include various types of information delivery techniques as well as interactive exercises we also incorporate evaluations and mini refreshers / Q&A sessions as part of our value-add package. Information is one thing, but clear goals, implementation and consistent checks are vital to the process and success of any new or ongoing endeavour.

Your organization and team members can benefit from our Corporate Training sessions if:

  • Team members or departments are not communicating efficiently
  • Outstanding Customer Service is one of your priorities
  • Your organization has undergone restructuring, et. al.
  • You are looking to improve your team's corporate habits, principles, ethics and values
  • Your team members' motivational level needs a boost
  • Team members are experiencing any type of discord
  • You would like to get all team members on a consistent work protocol
  • Your organization wants to STAND OUT within your field

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Areas of Training

  • Corporate Etiquette, Values and Ethics
  • Customer Service – Tailored to specific industries (i.e. Hospitality, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Finance, Industrial, Renewables, etc.)
  • Personal and Corporate Image Standards
  • Career Management
  • Corporate Oral and Written Communications
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Team Building
  • Work-Life Balance
  • People Relationships – How to deal with difficult people
  • Middle Management Techniques
  • Leading and Managing in the 21st Century – Manager focus

Computer Training

  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • MS Word Training – Beginner and Intermediate (separate programs)
  • MS PowerPoint Training – Beginner and Intermediate (separate programs)
  • Image and Photo Manipulation using PhotoShop
  • Files / Images / Photos Organization and Backup
  • Simple Backup Methods and Safety Protocols (Cloud, HD, External HD)
  • WordPress Website Mechanics (including plugins, popups, forms, and other peripherals) – Keeping your website up-to-date and professional

Additional Services

  • Hotel Mystery Audit – Staff and Customer Service
  • Hotel Mystery Audit* – Aesthetic and Cleanliness
    * Excluding food and beverage areas

Daya's CV states that she is "an energetic individual with a penchant for details" and her peers and clients can certainly validate the statement. Her extensive experience within large corporate environments at the Manager and Senior Manager levels have engendered and refined Daya's ethics and business etiquette to exceptional levels.

Additional points to consider:

  • We recommend that all team members participate in the sessions, no matter their employee or management level. However, since C-level executives often have a demanding schedule, we propose that they attend the first session and assign an assistant to update them on subsequent sessions.
  • We strive to work within your organization's schedule and budget.
  • In Visible Reach is dedicated to helping organizations achieve results by compelling team members to be opened to new ideas and techniques. Ultimately, their willingness to learn and implement the information is key. We addresse this matter with every attendee and encourage willing participation.
  • We incorporate mini refresher sessions into our training plans and share with management any concerns that may arise.