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Feb 07 2020


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Monthly Gathering — “Negative Recurring Patterns”

Join us for our free monthly event. The goal is to share, learn, network and grow with people of like mind!

The topic this month is “Negative Recurring Patterns”.

If you have said or thought something like “why does this keep happening to me?” or “why me” or anything along those lines, then you may benefit from this month’s gathering.

Whether viewed as “positive” or “negative,” patterns are common and many of us are aware of them, but when our life is affected by unpleasant ones, the cause of the pattern needs to be understood before we can proceed to get out of the aggravating loop…

To this aim, we will explore some common negative pattern causes and discuss potential solutions.

I look forward to seeing new and returning “Goal Reachers” (what we call In Visible Reach members) at this and future events/workshops. Everybody is welcome, bring a friend!

Time: 19h00 to 21h00 (7pm to 9pm)
Location: Era Tower, Seef, in the comfort of a peaceful space
Cost: Small donations are accepted but not required
Refreshments: Water, juice, tea, coffee, cookies

RSVP: Please email Daya to confirm your attendance.

This is a limited attendance event — if you can no longer attend, please cancel your attendance to allow another individual the chance to join.

The event is finished.