For Coaches

Whether you're an aspiring Coach or already studying to become a Coach, you may want to find out more about the process of setting up shop. Having established a successful in-person and online business in more than one country, I can take you through the process from the very beginning, or from whichever point you wish to start from. I can answer questions such as what I do, how I started out, my values, how I deal with clients, my personal list of Do's and Dont's and the reasons behind each, how I set up my own business and how/why it morphed over time, Social Media options and requirements, potential ups and downs, etc. These sessions will provide you with a wealth of information which is aimed at giving you the confidence to take the first step toward starting your own Coaching business!

Existing Coaches may be interested in how another Coach handles their business in general or may want to explore a different angle altogether. Sharing knowledge and experiences can be extremely beneficial to both parties when approached in a neutral and fair manner. Why not join me in expanding our Coaching Horizons!

No matter your situation, this is a complete "How To" course that you cannot afford to pass up on!


This course is distributed within modules which are varied in length (50 – 90 minutes) depending on their type and content, ie PPT slides, PDFs, videos, links, exercises, etc. Modules are delivered by myself personally, via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger video chat.

The total course length varies depending on one's topic choices, schedule and customizations. Each module or topic can be booked separately or as a complete course. Modules include:

  • An Introduction to Life Coaching
  • Life Coaching Description and Approach
  • Rewards and Pitfalls
  • Ethics and Values: The IVR Life Coach Code
  • Life Coaching Techniques – An Overview
  • Understanding the Discovery Questionnaire
  • Developing Your Own Coaching Style
  • International Values and Standards
  • Implementation and Practice
  • Live Coaching Practice Session
  • Life Coaching as a Career: Full-time or Part-time?
  • Getting Started: Your Own Life Coaching Practice
  • Session Length and Pricing Options
  • Freebies
  • Knowing Your Limits: when to refer clients to a different professional
  • Growing Your Client List and Keeping Connected
  • Website, Social Media, Advertising and Other Useful Tools
  • Conclusion and Follow Up Schedule
  • Score Card: Your Honest Feedback
  • Certificate of Completion

I have set up this service in response to the numerous requests I receive regarding this topic. I am happy to see how many people are interested in helping others on their journey and I believe that together, we CAN make a difference! Why not start with a Free Mini Intro to see how this can work for you and how you can make this work within your existing schedule.


This course can be booked one session at a time, as a whole course, or as a customized course, giving you three payment options:

  1. When booking one session at a time, rates are the same as regular individual coaching session rates* in order to facilitate the process and to make it as cost-efficient as possible.
  2. You can customize as you wish, including only the modules that interest you. This option is quoted individually.
  3. Booking the complete course is the most cost-effective option as well as the most comprehensive. Our recommendation.

* Rates are adjusted as per your Country's Cost of Living Index to provide everyone with a fair playing field. Book your free mini session to get the full details.