Balanced Couples

Before we start, I am proud to share that I have been happily married since 2005 to a most balanced and wonderful being who has taught me so much about love, respect, patience and life in general. But it wasn't always like this... my first marriage ended in divorce but I can say that my first husband also taught me many lessons in his own way ― despite a rather difficult divorce, we are still in (friendly) contact today. While your situation is unique to you and your partner, relationship experiences and issues have many commonalities. In these sessions, we work with you to assess and deal with your distinct circumstances. LGBTQ friendly.

You can benefit from our For Couples sessions if you:

  • Feel that your relationship is stagnating, has become stale, or needs a boost
  • Feel that you and your partner have grown apart
  • Feel that you and your partner have different goals
  • Feel that your sex life has flat-lined or needs a boost

The bottom line is that our increasingly busy lives can take a couple in different directions, weakening their relationship foundation, while the romantic interludes too often dull or fade away. If this strikes a chord, perhaps you can benefit from a few sessions to either re-align, re-kindle or boost your relationship. As a therapist friend of mine once said, "You cannot fix something by using the same tools that broke it," similar in concept to "Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them*."
- *Albert Einstein.

For Couples sessions can help you:

  • Re-align and reboot your relationship, whether in a general way, in a romantic way or both!
  • Better understand your partner’s viewpoints and receive the same in return
  • Learn how to create and align goals so that you are both walking in the same direction (even if the goals are different)
  • Re-kindle your romance and learn how to find new ways to enjoy each other

As implied, these sessions are for couples (both partners in attendance), although you can also benefit to some degree as a single attendee. Our definition of “a couple” includes those who are dating, are living common law, are legally married, and even those who are separated or divorced (who might have common issues, such as children, they need to deal with). LGBTQ friendly.


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