Mid-life Crisis Boost

As a middle-aged woman, I have had the privilege of experiencing two mid-life crises (yes, two!), a major career change, several international moves (catalysed by my husband’s international career), a parent’s death, financial loss, financial growth, a flood, and menopause as well as all the symptoms and joys that accompany it. Since I do practice what I teach, I can humbly assert that daily mindfulness and gratitude, combined with a positive attitude, helped me navigate through all of it as gently as possible.

Through these sessions, I endeavour to help others deal with and manage this significant period in their life. Perhaps you have experienced unexplainable mood swings, have had an urge to change things in a drastic way, or feel like you haven’t accomplished enough in life… If you can relate to any of this, these sessions are definitely for you.

You can benefit from Mid-life Crisis Boost sessions if you:

  • Feel sluggish, stuck in life, or just plain tired all the time
  • Have lost your zest, your mojo, the bounce in your step
  • Feel moody or annoyed for no apparent reason
  • Feel that you have not accomplished enough in your life and that it’s too late now

Know that you are not alone. The difference is that most people don’t know what to do about it, or that they can do anything about it at all. Know that YOU CAN do something about it, YOU CAN get back on track, and YOU CAN feel in control of your life again. You’ve heard that “age is just a number” and although we are no longer in our 20s, 30s or 40s, we can learn how to continue to enjoy life or learn how to enjoy it in a completely different way!

Mid-life Crisis Boost sessions can help you:

  • Understand and get out of the mid-life rut trap
  • Regain your zest, your mojo, the bounce in your step
  • Understand and better manage your moods
  • Review your life and your goals to assess where “you think” you’re at
  • Reboot old goals, establish new ones and create an action plan

While men experience this stage of life differently than women, they can also benefit from these sessions, whether for themselves or to better understand their partner. We encourage you to join!


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