Work & Career

Work and Career is one of the main parts of our lives. My extensive experience in the corporate world allows me to share valuable information that can help you uplift your career or get on a brand new track while avoiding common pit falls.

You can benefit from Work & Career sessions if you:

  • Feel that your job / career is unfulfilling and/or stagnating
  • Are dissatisfied with your job / career
  • Are recently unemployed or have been unemployed for a period of time
  • Are not getting favourable results from your CV and/or interviews
  • Need a CV re-write and/or re-format
  • Need your corporate image updated and polished
  • Would like to pursue a different career but don’t know how to get started or how to proceed
  • Have been laid off or let go from your job
  • Hate getting out of bed to go to work
  • Resent having to work for a living (indicating a distinct job dissatisfaction)

If you are faced with a difficult career decision or are simply ready for a change, I can help you assess your situation by taking a look at it through fresh eyes. After discussing and clarifying your short-term and long-term goals, we will lay out a realistic and achievable action plan together.

Work & Career sessions can help you:

  • Update and polish your CV
  • Update and polish your corporate image
  • Assess and understand why you feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled with your job / career
  • Find a way to enjoy your current job or find the courage to move on
  • End career stagnation
  • Establish and achieve existing or new career goals

The methods I use are applicable to any type of work ― whether you are a trades person, an entrepreneur, or work in a corporate environment, you can benefit. Most people toil for the majority of their lives; the least you can do is gift yourself with the proper tools to find a job or career path where you will feel fulfilled and flourish. Book your session today!

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