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Should you or shouldn’t you connect with this coach?

Where coaching is concerned, there are many choices to be made and many roads that can lead to your goals, so how can you know who's right for you? Our solution is to offer a complimentary 20-minute session to see if this is the right choice for you.

Of course, 20-minutes will not solve any issues, but it will give you a chance to meet Daya and will give you an idea of how our system works. We believe that one of the essential aspects of successful coaching is establishing a connection with the coach. Daya's friendly, understanding and professional attitude makes her a preferred choice.

A note from Daya

Welcome to In Visible Reach and thank you for taking the time to peruse our services. As mentioned above, the main benefit of the free mini session is to give you an idea of my style and I assure you that I enjoy every one of these bookings, no matter whether you decide to book future sessions or not. In other words, there is no pressure at all, ever. The important part is that you took an initial step towards achieving you goals, and that merits respect in every case.

I therefore encourage you to book a free session today. Once we connect, we can discuss the next appropriate steps for you and your situation and, if you wish to continue, we can then discuss how you can smoothly integrate coaching into your life. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Daya Underwood
Life Coach, Corporate Trainer
In Visible Reach

Modern times call for modern solutions — See how easy and accessible remote coaching is, no matter where we are located geographically. No need to displace yourself (unless you prefer the personal touch and our locations correspond) as this allows us to connect no matter where we are located geographically.

FREE mini session – You can get there in 3 easy steps!

Book your free session using the window on the right (or below, if you're on mobile), by selecting the the “FREE Mini Session” category.

Step 1. Click on the image and click on "Set time zone" ―  this will pop up a calendar where you can select your session date.

Step 2. Type your details in the next window and fill out a few quick questions.

Step 3. Click on "Complete Appointment" and you're done!

You will receive a confirmation email outlining the details and a Zoom* link with login credentials for our remote chat.

Talk to you soon! Our free introductory session will give you a good idea of my style so that you can make sure we’re a good fit if you wish to continue. We can discuss the next steps for you to smoothly integrate coaching (or one of our other services) into your life. Should you decide not to work with me, that’s OK! I’ll be happy to share other resources per your requirements.

Note: one free 20-minute intro session per client.

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