Alex Underwood

Alex Underwood, Couples Coach Partner

Couples Sessions Balance and Support

Alex (Arthur), Daya's husband, assists Daya during some of the Couples' sessions. He offers balance and support to both parties and adds his own viewpoint, also grounded in neutrality. Together, Alex and Daya provide an excellent platform for couples to mend, rebuild and/or strengthen their relationship.

Most people say that "to meet Alex is to love Alex" as he is a gentle person who can see both sides of an equation without taking any particular side. His feedback is most always well-received and appreciated. When you meet Daya and Alex as a couple, you will immediately see their connection and the depth of their relationship, which they are happy to explain and share.

Location: Kingdom of Bahrain

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Marie-France Cardin

Connecting the Dots with Marie-France Cardin

Marie-France, over the course of her corporate career spanning over 25 years with large organizations, has continually looked for ways to do things differently. She has a consistent track record of taking apart inefficient processes to build modern and more efficient ones. She is also known for her leadership capabilities, including building a strong team of 30 pursuits and proposals advisors based throughout Canada and in Bangalore, India. Through her people skills, she can help you challenge the status quo to embrace a new normal, both in your professional and personal lives.

Connecting the dots has always been in her DNA. Early on as a Public Relations practitioner, she partnered with clients, colleagues and sponsors to develop high profile media relations campaigns. Having successfully managed crisis situations and overseeing for KPMG in Canada the development of more than 1,500 proposals annually, she thrives and excels when stakes are high and time is of the essence. In the last year, she has launched The Winning Partnership to co-create with her clients innovative customized strategies and solutions to win business in competitive marketplaces.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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David Gentile

Davide Gentile, Strategic Advisor & Team Coach

Empowering Teams to Develop Like Never Before

1) Productivity increase, 2) Creative thinking, 3) High empathy, and 4) Vision

These are the 4 pillars on which Davide founded his career and his life. During the last 25 years, he has been part of, and managed, many kind of Teams: Vertical Teams, Horizontal Teams, Matrix Teams, Virtual Teams, International Teams, Project Teams, etc., both in start-ups and in multinational organizations, from Stockholm to Dubai.

Due to low performance levels, teams typically have great difficulty in achieving their full potential, despite the combined efforts of team members and the company. Since Davide started working with teams from a coaching perspective in 2012, he was able to pinpoint the actual cause of these lack of results. He proceeded to develop a program that not only leads to a team's performance and productivity increase in a matter of weeks, but that can also permanently change the culture in the organisation. By teaching teams to use the "secret weapon" that all winning teams have in common, team members experience a higher level of inspiration and motivation that can lead to palpable and lasting results.

Location: Rome, Italy

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Vivek Raj Shivhare

Vivek Raj Shivhare, Entrepreneurial Skills Coach and Trainer

Vivek’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a post-graduate diploma in Design and a Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Due to his vast knowledge of world history, philosophy, spirituality, technology and business, Vivek has been invited to speak to various individuals and organizations about his experiences with mind, body and soul. Participating in life to the fullest, Vivek has also dabbled in the fields of dancing, singing, acting and modelling --- he believes that you should “live and enjoy every moment in the NOW.”

With over 15 years of research and practice in various motivational techniques, Vivek easily connects with people and has an uncanny ability of helping clients unburden their stress-filled minds. His unique combination of wit and wisdom, seriousness and playfulness will provoke attendees to elevate their professional standards while achieving a work-life balance.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Michel Shah

Corporate Power with Michel Shah - Consultant

Professor, Coach, Tech Enthusiast, Passionate Learner and Collaborator

Michel brings over twenty years of business experience in training and development, real estate, insurance, investments and entrepreneurship to her role as educator. She is a confident, engaging speaker and a master collaborator who delivers results both in education and in business. She specializes in Personal and Professional Development, bringing astute insights and pragmatic solutions to situations involving facilitation, needs assessment, coaching and knowledge transfer.

Her passion for developing others is underscored by her current role as Professor of Personal and Professional Development as well as Speaking with Confidence at George Brown College. Her passion, enthusiasm and confidence in helping people combined with a witty sense of humour keep her learners engaged, excited and inspired to excel.

When she is not teaching, reading or writing, Michel enjoys travelling, playing card games and hanging out at home with her husband, family and friends.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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