Our services include private or group sessions (in person or online), casual gatherings, workshops, events, training, speaking engagements, and volunteering projects. Each is designed to convey useful, pertinent and empowering information focussed on knowledge and growth. We aim to provide a comfortable open-minded environment where you can trust, freely share, learn and grow.

Life Coaching is like going to the gym, but for the mind

Why choose Life Coaching? A life coach is a professional who helps clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Coaching is an investment in itself — as an object gains value when you upgrade its components, so does your well-being increase when you invest in it. After all, there is only one way we move in life: forward. A Life Coach is often sought when one's life is in a critical state but is highly recommended prior to having reached that stage. It's a well-known fact that many celebrities and corporate entities seek coaching on a regular basis as they appreciate its value — why not you?

My coaching style is rooted in neutrality and compassion but is strong and direct. Your sessions are personalized just for you, according to your needs and goals, no matter your gender, age, background, or culture. To experience the difference in my coaching style, I invite you to book a free mini intro — no obligation, no pressure. My commitment to you is to help you achieve and maintain a more balanced and stable life by recalibrating its foundation.


You can benefit from Life Coaching if you:

  • Are serious about Personal Development
  • Feel that your self-esteem and confidence need a boost
  • Are plagued with negative thoughts, stress or anxiety
  • Think that happiness is a state that is difficult to achieve or to maintain
  • Experience unpleasant recurring patterns "for no reason"

Book your free 20-minute intro!

  • Find yourself in a situation that requires a new or different approach
  • Would like to understand and better deal with life's ups and downs
  • Have been stagnating or are no getting anywhere
  • Feel that you are not achieving your goals, or you don’t know what those goals should be
  • Have hit rock bottom and are in dire straits (if so, contact us today!)