What clients say about Daya and In Visible Reach


I attended Daya’s monthly event titled “Aggravating recurring patterns” where we explored, discussed, and shared our patterns that aren’t serving us well and also learnt how to identify and deal with them. Coach Daya shared simple, methodical steps with real life examples on how to achieve this efficiently.

Being passionate about the area of personal development, I have attended many coaching meetups and gatherings but I have to say that unlike many of them, this was well-worth my investment.

A coach myself, I am well-versed in concepts of mindfulness and yet, Daya was able to answer my advance level questions purely effortlessly. She’s top of her game and certainly a great and recommended choice as a coach — a value-adding proposition.”

― Huma Z. Ahmed Award-winning Author, Transformational Coach, Speaker & Trainer


Using creativity and common sense, Daya is a born problem-solver. She never hesitates to dive in and work with you through the situation. She is genuine and authentic. I’m not surprised by all the kudos she accumulated over the years which makes her successful in all her undertakings.

― M-F Cardin, Past Colleague, LinkedIn Recommendation


As a strong professional woman, I hesitated to reach out to anyone, but over a year of unemployment can change things. Daya offered her help and although reticent at first, I did hear the message. I was astounded to finally find a job within about a month. If you're stuck in life, hiring Daya is highly recommended.”

― Anonymous, Bahrain


Since I had lost my management job, I found myself dwelling in negativity, stagnating, and stuck in life. It seemed as if all my options had vanished and I was no longer sure of myself. Daya was able to shed new light on to my situation and through several individual sessions, I started to see things in a different way. Believe it or not, following an 18-month unemployment spell, I found a new job within four weeks! I’m back in the corporate world and finally feel like myself again. I strongly recommend Daya and look forward to future breakthrough sessions!”

― Pat S., Bahrain


I have always heard that when you have given up all hope, the universe sends you someone that can turn your life around.It was during one such time... I came across In Visible Reach (now In Visible Reach). I don’t know why I thought to message Daya; I didn’t even expect a reply. I just wanted to tell someone how low I felt. And within minutes she did reply. It was like suddenly I found someone who cared. My life felt as if it just turned around. I don’t know what would have come of it, how my decision would have turned out otherwise. I was so sad and it’s not easy to find happiness in this condition. I have become so much more confident ― for hours, Daya kept messaging me, patiently hearing me. And now, I am happy with my decision. I know I will work hard and then take it as it comes. Thank you Daya of In Visible Reach!”

― A. R., Instagram Client


Daya becomes part of a team quite organically because she not only sees the vision – she helps create it! She genuinely gets invested in your success. Daya has a collaborative approach, marked enthusiasm, unmistakable dedication, and truly sophisticated outputs.”

― S. Marsh, Past Colleague, LinkedIn Recommendation


I would highly recommend Daya. She is incredibly efficient and creative. Give her a problem and she will bring you a solution. She delivers.

― Delia V., Past Colleague, LinkedIn Recommendation


Everything (in my session) was good and surprisingly professional compared to other sessions I’ve had with other life coaches in the past. Thank you.”

― N. A., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


I so enjoy your perspective on this super interesting topic! I related to many of your scenarios and now feel that my belief system is even stronger and more positive. I'm excited to remind others to stay focused on their health, peace and happiness. Thank you for your clever insight. [Feedback regarding our "Mind Detox" eBook]”

― Diane W., Ontario, Canada


I have found Daya's techniques to be forward-thinking, non-biased and comforting. She has the ability to make you feel comfortable and "on track." I have come to believe that, as she often says, "everything is as it should be" and quite frankly, I feel that I am in a better place in my life. [Feedback from Couple’s Sessions]”

― Anonymous, Canada


I have found Daya's attitude quite refreshing. In a world where we often encounter friction and drama, Daya has demonstrated understanding and genuine compassion. I am grateful for her power of forgiveness and look forward to reading the book I have encouraged her to write.”

― A. Davieau, Canadian Singer Song Writer


Thank you so much for your motivation.” (from a self-proclaimed “deeply unhappy person” who felt “alone”)

― U. L., Instagram Client


Thank you Daya for the wonderful insight and for offering me a new perspective to change my limiting beliefs. I look forward to implementing the guidance you offered and to improving my life! Thank you thank you!”

― Yumi L., USA


You are pleasant to talk to and seem to have great things to offer.”

― A. T., London Ontario